What is an End-of-Life Death Doula?


You may hear end of life doula referred to as a soul midwife, end-of-life coach, death midwife, transition guide, or death doula. 
End of life death doulas are among the professionals who can help someone prepare for their death and reflect on their life, their greatest joys and regrets, any fears or worries on their mind, and how they want to be remembered.
End of life doulas are non-medical professionals trained to care for a terminally ill person's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during the death process. 
End of life doulas work in conjunction with hospice and palliative care programs to provide interpersonal, social, logistical, and spiritual guidance to the individual that complements the clinical support they receive.
End of life death doulas help manage the transition between life and death. During this time, a doula may act as a companion to the dying or as an advocate for the family’s needs. 
By nature, this role is holistic and highly personal. Every death is unique as each death doula. 
Each having their own life experience and background that they bring into their services, in addition to specific training and study.
Dena Swift received the call to be a death doula, and she answered that call. Her background and unique experiences will help you to understand more about how she approaches her services for clients.